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Unparalleled AI Innovation and Expertise Within Reach. Driven by Visionary Professors and Entrepreneurs Who’ve Elevated Their Ventures Above $200 Million

It's like Silicon valley in a box

For all your GenAI needs

A team of AI Ph.D.s and industry experts analyze your business needs and identify AI-driven acceleration opportunities

Full-stack development of AI experiences by a team experienced in launching AI products for 20+ million users

Reliable deployment and hosting services in both public and private clouds

Use case: Conversational AI, private/customized chatGPT, etc.


cost reduction

“A lot of the customers I’ve talked to are unhappy about the cost that they are seeing for running  some of these models,”

– Adam Selipsky, CEO, Amazon Web Services

Want your own customized AI solutions and worry about cost, privacy, or development timeline?

5x - 23x cost reduction - compared to typical Open AI (LLM) deployment

3 month - short timeline from idea to production

Customized GPT- AI products customized based on your data and needs

Privacy - You own private language models without reliances on OpenAI or external APIs

IP and Patent - own your AI solution IP and AI patents

"Imagine a world…where you don’t need AI expertise or an army of developers to build remarkable AI experience and products"

“They really are at the forefront of the space from a technology standpoint and ideation standpoint. Jaseci Labs was a great partner in pushing us to think beyond just the standard use cases.

The experience was phenomenal. The unique ability to have the vision, have the collaboration, and being able to execute on that.. is unique as a partner.”
Chris Wascha
CTO, Pocketnest

Customer case study: Pocketnest

Customized conversational financial assistant in 3 months

Problem: Pocketnest wants to leverage AI to increase user engagement. They are looking for partners that can idealize the AI feature(s), leverage AI to bring value add, and to develop AI solutions in a condensed timeline. As a financial company, they are keen to avoid the common GenAI pitfalls such as providing incorrect answers to users.

Solution: Pocketnest’s financial virtual assistant.

Using disparate data sources include pocketnest’s proprietary and user financial data.

Carefully designed to avoid GenAI’s hallucination to provide accurate answers to users

3-month consult-design-develop-deploy timeline

Delightful user experience

Developed AI solutions for

Start-ups that Jaesci powers

Implementation partners - 1000+ developer network

Build you own GPT and beyond

Customers leverage Jaseci to build their own customized GPT, general conversational AI , AI assistant for training, HR support, etc, instant analytics and deep customer insights.


Digital Assistants

Predictive & Big Data Analytics Systems
Scalable Microservice- based APIs

Search & Recommendation Systems

Facial Detection &
Recognition Systems


Jaseci was founded by Dr. Jason Mars, Computer Science professor at the University of Michigan. He leads a research lab specializing in artificial intelligence and large-scale computing. He is a pioneer in conversational AI (Wired article). He has founded multiple companies that have delivered AI solutions to over 20 million users across diverse sectors and companies (USbank, Barclays etc).

Jason Mars

Creator of


Author of

Breaking Bots

Professor of CS

Research Labs

Powered by cutting edge innovations and techincal solutions created in the University lab. Check out Jaseci Labs


20 core advanced AI developers

5 Ph.D.s

+1000 developer through partnership

Patents and Papers

100 top tier papers in AI and systems

30+ AI patents


Technology leader for Articifial Intellgience - Frost & Sullivan

Gold Stevie “best new product/service of the year”

Crain Business’s 40 under 40

Bank Innovations Most Innovative CEO

CARAH Award, ISCA/MICRO/ASPLOS hall of fame, Google research award

Core team

Dr. Jason Mars

Professor at University of Michigan, Founder

Dr. Lingjia Tang

Professor at University of Michigan

Dr. Yiping Kang

Research Fellow at University of Michigan

Dr. Kris Flaunter

Professor at University of Michigan, advisor

Chris Clarke

AI Ph.D. resercher, University of Michigan

Dr. Logee Velmanickam

Professor at University of Moratuwa

Jayanaka Dantanarayana

AI Ph.D. researcher, University of Michigan

What industry leaders are saying about JaseciLabs...

“ I believe that Jaseci has the potential to provide solutions to some of the major pain points for enterprise Al transformation.”
Judd Standage
Enterprise Solution Architect, Cognizant
“We are very excited that Jaseci solved our challenges of providing AI solutions for our customers, lowered cost and increased our development speed.”
Richard Parhusip
Commercial director, BCS Technology and BCS Consulting
“Jaseci is a new programming language and runtime system that has the potential to hide the complexity of backend systems for many Al practitioners and thus lowers the barrier of entry for general developers, leading to great improvement of developers' productivity.”
Robert Hundt
Distinguished Engineer Google

A single step for AI,
A giant leap for mankind.

Every Developer
a Devops

Jaseci is an end-to-end open-source and Open
Computational Model, Technology Stack, and Methodology for bleeding edge AI. It enables developers to rapidly build robust products with sophisticated AI capabilities at scale.

01 Bleeding edge AI ready for use

  • A wide range of bleeding edge AI models ready to use out of the box.
  • Task-level AI models across language, vision, etc domains, engineered and configured by the top AI science so you can directly plug and play

02 Rapid backend development that requires ZERO backend knowledge

  • Simple language features to grasp for front engineer developers to quickly prototype backend.
  • Intuitive, novel programming paradigm that reduces lines of code by orders of magnitude, even for skilled backend developers

03 Automated API generation

  • Automatically generates RESTful API endpoints and other SDK libraries interface based on your code.
  • No more having to worry about the complexity of web service frameworks like Django or Flask, developers can focus their energy on building the best AI features.

04 Automated scalable deployment that requires ZERO devops knowledge

  • Out-of-box production-grade containerization and orchestration so you can stand up a production-ready stack in minutes.
  • Novel load balancing and facilitation techniques. Your production Jaseci cluster scales intelligently with your application’s demand

Mind. Machine. Magic

AI on Demand

Our mission is to make AI accessible to every developer. Jaseci is an end to-end open-source and Open Computational Model, Technology Stack, and Methodology for bleeding edge AI. It enables developers to rapidly build robust products with sophisticated AI capabilities at scale.

Bringing AI to the people

If you can use jQuery,
you can use Jaseci

Something here about how easy it is to create value, using our proprietary ‘glue’ language, that integrates will all major languages – Tensor flow, K8s etc (logos will be helpful)

Real Innovation. Quickly.

Don’t let something as mundane as the API get in the way of your creativity. The leaders of tomorrow are in an ever quickening race to bring real value to market and turn dreamers into realists.

Startups that are looking to build the next generation of AI products and want to go from idea to proof of concept in 2 weeks. They want to be able to prototype and test their idea on a daily basis without having to worry about backend development or devops. They want to be able to iterate over their idea as fast as they can code with a bleeding edge AI stack without having to worry about backend development.

Developers who want to quickly build and deploy a backend application with powerful AI. They want to be able to easily use AI models in all major programming languages. They want the ability to build their own AI models and plug them into their applications in all major programming languages. They want to be able to create a machine learning application that can be deployed on Google, Amazon or Azure with zero knowledge of cloud infrastructure.

Cost Efficiency

Algorithmia’s “2020 State of Enterprise ML.” shows that over 70% of AI projects fail between the stages of “Proof of Concept” and “Deployment”, with 40% of companies taking over 1 MONTH to deploy machine learning models. Reference
The Jaseci Stack abstracts most of the complexities involved with building scalable systems, deployment, integration of technologies, building core data structures, etc. allowing developers to focus on higher level programming and building out the actual AI application.

Development Speed

While the Jaseci Stack abstracts core infrastructural needs for deployment, scalability, data structures, etc., the Jaseci programming language provides syntactic sugar that allows the development of:

Scalable and easily maintainable codebases

Libraries to support core needs of developers working on AI models


Jaseci is licensed under the MIT license, which, apart from being free and open source, allows your company to keep full ownership and rights over all code, applications and other IP developed on top of the Jaseci framework.

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